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Welcome to the
Isle of Sky Nursery website!

Isle of Sky includes both a Plant Nursery and over an acre of Demonstration Gardens. Located in Lincoln County,  New Mexico near the ghost town of White Oaks, the Nursery site is at an elevation of 6,480 feet.

I specialize in Dwarf, Heirloom Apple Trees and native and locally adapted  fruits, berries and grapes many of which I have found growing in old orchards and homestead sites throughout new Mexico. The parent trees, many well over a century old, have proven their worth in adaptability and production under harsh conditions. 

Isle of Sky Nursery
174 White Oaks Canyon Road

White Oaks, New Mexico 88301

Here in the gardens, conditions are harsh due to extreme clay soil on a rocky slope shaded by pinion and juniper trees.  The Nursery is unique in that the plants are all grown in the gardens which are open to the public for viewing during regular Nursery hours.  Being able to view the parent plants in a natural garden setting is very helpful in making decisions on what plants are right for your garden and growing situation.  I use and recommend soil building supplements made in New Mexico by Soil Secrets.  These products represent the sustainable soil science of the future and are available here in the Nursery.  I also carry an excellent potting soil, made in New Mexico, which I use here as well.
Isle of Sky is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9 am until 5 pm from mid-March through the end of October.  The Winter season is devoted to pruning, collecting scion wood for grafting trees and custom grafting.  I teach grafting and have a large selection of scion wood available for purchase to those who like to graft their own trees.

I use and recommend dwarf and semi dwarf rootstocks for grafting here in the Nursery.  Smaller trees begin to bear fruit much sooner and are easy to protect from damaging weather conditions.  Their “footprint” is much smaller, allowing them to be used in small gardens and against fences as espaliers.  They do not present a tall profile so are less susceptible to high winds: most can be maintained at or below 8’ tall.  Dwarf trees do equally well living in large containers or the ground when planted and cared for properly.*

* Be sure to check out my PLANTING AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS.  Though most varieties of apple trees require another variety for pollination, some are self pollinating. It is often possible for me to graft the second variety on to an existing tree.
 I take orders for custom grafted trees from early November until  the end of February. Look for the order  form and  details under CUSTOM GRAFTING.  I always have a large selection of trees here in the Nursery growing in containers which allows for planting any time.  I love apples and grow varieties which I think have the best qualities.

                                                        HERE ARE JUST A FEW VARIETIES OF APPLE TREES READY TO PLANT NOW.

Aeirlie Red Flesh
Ashmead’s Kernel
Calville Blanc d’Hiver

Court Pendu Plat
Cox’s Orange Pippin
Esopus Spitzenburg

Greer  #3
Hagee Golden
Kingston #7 “Cindy”
Maiden Blush
Moses Wood

Northern Spy
Ribston Pippin
Summer Rambo
Yellow Newtown Pippin

Additional Plant Selections:

Blackberries -- several varieties
Black Currants
Goji Berries
Red Raspberries -- several varieties
Sea Buckthorn Berries (male & female)

Austrian Copper Rose
Harrison's Yellow Rose
Sweetbriar Rose -- NM Native
Woods Rose -- native shade lover

Wild Plums
Wild Grapes:
  • Native New Mexico Rio Grande watershed
  • Native New Mexico Rio Felix watershed
  • Native Arizone
Table Grapes:  A good selection of seedless, seeded and heirloom
varieties growing and producing well here in the garden.

Extensive selection of Culinary and Medicinal Herbs.

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