Isle of Sky -- 2017 Work/Study Students

Youth education has been an important part of Isle of Sky Farm
since the beginning -- 16 years ago.


The future careers that young people can successfully prepare for involve sustainable technologies now being used here.  Early exposure and experience allows young people to become aware of many educational and career options not being promoted in current school curriculums.

I started my work/study program here at the Nursery in the hope that I can make some small difference in the future of the students who find their way here.  Out of respect for the adults who sacrifice their time and fuel costs to get students to and from the Nursery each workday, students are paid in cash the amount needed to reimburse their drivers for gas expenses.  I fund this cost with donations from groups and individuals who want to contribute to our future leaders.  When you say, "Keep the change," I don't.  It's passed on to really "make a change.”  Thank you to all of you who make this possible for me to do!


Students gain exposure and experience in many areas including pruning, propagation, soil science, entomology, alternative energy, hydrology, tool use and care, social skills, communication and organizational skills development, time management and so much more.  All time is spent completely focusing on each day's projects as there are no internet or cell phone signals here.  Without electronic distractions, the mind is able, indeed, required, to fully engage itself in creative thought.


   Julyssa Ramon
was born September 28, 2006, and is 

   from San Antonio, TX. 

   I attend Burke Elementary School in San Antonio and am
   in the 5th grade.  I am an A/B student, and my favorite
   subject is Science.

   This past summer, I went to Carrizozo, NM, with my 
   grandparents.  While I was there, I worked at Miss
   Jaimee's Isle of Sky Nursery in White Oaks.  Miss
   Jaimee also taught me basic horse riding.

   This year what I learned was how to mix fertilizer and
   how to massage it into the soil around the plants, how to
   plant potatoes and harvest onions, and the basics of


Abi Bui is 15 and from Fredricksburg, VA.

I attend Colonial Forge High School and am in the 10th grade.  I am involved in JROTC and am a straight A student.  I was born on a blue moon and Halloween.  My favorite subjects are earth sciences and foreign languages.  I’m glad I didn’t waste my summer reading a textbook and watching You Tube.  Little Bear is my favorite kitten, come visit him and his sisters.  It feels good to take care of and be responsible for many of the plants.  They appreciate it.