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    I specialize in grafting Dwarf and Very Dwarf Apple trees.

I recommend Dwarf trees because of their ease of care and protection and ability to be grown in very limited spaces or large containers.  


Dwarf trees are much easier to protect from freezing conditions, extreme heat, wind, hail, pests and animals. The ROOTSTOCK  dictates the size of the TREE, NOT the size of the APPLE.  There are thousands and thousands of varieties of apples worldwide, and all have their own unique characteristics.  Dwarf trees do equally well living in large containers or in the ground when planted and cared for properly*, and they begin to bear fruit much more quickly than standard and semi-dwarf trees.  


*Be sure to check out my Tree Planting and care instructions.  Though most varieties of apple trees require another variety for pollination, some are self-pollinating.  It is often possible for me to graft a second variety onto an existing tree.


I do grafting from early January through mid- to late March.  

I take orders for custom grafted trees until March 20th.


I can make custom trees for you.  Though grafting is not 100% foolproof, I have a very good success rate.  I graft custom trees when ordered and then grow them in containers here in the Nursery at White Oaks.  They are ready for pick up and planting after Labor Day in September.  Many people visit their trees here during the summer to watch their progress.  


Custom-made trees are a unique and wonderful gift for anyone of any age.  Grafting a custom tree from an old family heirloom tree is a living legacy to hand down to future generations.


I use proven, hardy Rootstocks of several varieties.

Below are a few.


EMLA 27 is very hardy and can be maintained at only four to six feet in height. It is ideal for containers and very small yards.


BUDAGOVSKY  9 or BUD 9 is very hardy and can be maintained at six to ten feet in height.  It is suitable for large containers or small yards and espaliers.   


Though the above rootstocks are all hardy to -35 and below, remember that apple trees benefit from staking and protection from freezing after bud break in the spring when flowers and young fruits are vulnerable.


For higher elevations, I recommend varieties that tend to bloom later or bloom several times in order to avoid late freezes.   Early blooming varieties should be selected if you live in an area of milder winter and spring weather.  Some amount of freezing weather is necessary for successfully growing apples.  When in doubt, ask me for suggestions.  I do not bother grafting any variety I do not enjoy eating, so you may assume that any variety I offer is good.  


Please order your custom grafted trees by March 20

 as many rare varieties are in limited supply.

If you want me to make copies of your favorite old tree,

it’s important that I cut the scion wood early in winter.


When you order root stock, please include a 2nd choice

In case your first choice is no longer available.

Please schedule well ahead!



2019 APPLE Scion Wood Selection


Adina   ** Very Limited Supply Add $10 to base price

Akane   ** Very Limited Supply Add $10 to base price


Arkansas Black

Ashmead’s Kernel

Black Twig/Paragon

Blushing Golden  * self pollinates

Calville Blanc d’Hiver

Champagne Reinette * self pollinating; ** Very Limited Supply Add $10 to base price

Esopus Spitzenburg

Grapefruit   * self pollinating

Hawkeye ** Very Limited Supply Add $10 to base price

Hubbardston’s Nonesuch

Kazakhstan  93-19-02  ** Very Limited Supply Add $10 to price

Kenny Canyon – ** Very Limited Supply Add $10 to price

Late 1880’s old orchard on inholding in Gila National Forest on Mineral Creek above Winston, NM

Maiden Blush


Moses Wood

Northern Spy

Old Fashioned Golden Delicious  * self pollinates

Ribston Pippin

Roxbury Russett

Queen Cox  * self pollinates

Sheepnose Gilliflower


Spanish Dessert  ** Very Limited Supply Add $10 to base price

Starr  ** Very Limited Supply Add $10 to base price

Stayman Winesap

Summer Rambo

Sweet Horse  * self pollinates

Victoria Sweet Limbertwig  ** Very Limited Supply Add $10 to base price

Webster Pink Meat  ** Very Limited Supply Add $10 to base price

White Oaks Cinderella  ** Very Limited Supply Add $10 to base price

Wickson Crab * self pollinates

Winter Banana * self pollinates


Yellow Horse  * self pollinates

Yellow Newtown Pippin  * self pollinates

Old Greenberry Greer Orchard, Bonito Creek, Lincoln County, NM  No Variety IDs

#2  Wonderful flavored green apple

#3  Good eating and storage red streaked apple

#7  Oldest trees (late 1880s/1890s on the 110+ year old trees)

good flavor for eating and cooking

#8 Nicknamed “Yum” by Linda Fuchs

#A Golden Crab Apple * self pollinates


NOTE – All above self-pollinating varieties are ALSO excellent pollinators for other varieties.


Serious Collectors, please note my fruit tree inventory list and contact me for special requests as available.


Please remember that winter care is important for successful fruiting.  Don’t forget to water and feed your fruit trees.  Sprinklers, which cover the extensive root zone out to the drip line of the branches, is one of the preferred ways for thorough watering. 


Another effective method is to use drip tape, with 12” – 18” spaced emitters, around the tree gradually spiraling from trunk to just beyond the width of the widest branches (the drip line) of the tree.  Well decomposed pine bark or pine needle mulch spread out to the drip line is also extremely beneficial.  


Remember to plan for protection of your trees whether they are planted in the ground or will live in large containers.  If you have little space, consider espaliering trees against a wall or fence.  Deer, rabbits and mice love to eat fruit wood.  DO plan accordingly when selecting and preparing your site. The better you care for your tree, the better your apples will be.