ISLE OF SKY NURSERY in White Oaks has a large selection of native and locally adapted fruits, berries, hardy perennials and herbs.  I specialize in dwarf heirloom apple trees and have close to 100 varieties.


Isle of Sky Nursery has a complete line of organic soil amendments needed to help your fruits and vegetables recover from a hard summer and get back into ripening tomatoes and fruits plus prepare your soil for fall planting.  Right now, I recommend a good liquid feeding of my wonderful products Calimagic combined with Bloom, a powerful organic seaweed based fertilizer, and the amazing new Recharge.  Additionally, your plants may need a good, safe fungicide to combat powdery mildew which is so bad this time of year.  I carry Safer Insect Killing Soap to combat the destructive pests in your garden.


Itís a perfect time to start planting lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, kale, beets and other cool season produce.  Whether in containers or in the ground, the right fertilizers are crucial in achieving fast germination and rapid growth before freezing weather hits.


My demonstration gardens are extensive and show mature plants of all varieties of the plants I sell in the Nursery growing in a creative array of possibilities.  If youíve not been to the gardens for a little while, come check out the possibilities!


The Isle of Sky Nursery is open

Thursdays thru Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm

Follow the signs through White Oaks to 174 White Oaks Canyon Road.